Little dots of Italy in Amsterdam

Eve’s best 5 Italian restaurants

Fortunately for us as Dutch people, our national cuisine is influenced by many other cultures. Otherwise we would have eaten ‘Boerenkool’ every day and although that is a very fine dish, it would be monotonous. Amsterdam is rich in having many different types of restaurants. Therefore, it is not wise to write about all the different cuisines in one article. This article is only about the Italian restaurants in my city. And what is not to like about Italian food? Pasta, fish, meat, vegetarian dishes and cheese accompanied by very extraordinary wines coming from the Italian lands.

Two years ago, I made a trip to the Puglia in Italy. This area is known and famous for its food and especially for its wine. It was in Bari where I tasted my first glass of Primitivo and ever since that day, it is the first thing I order when I am dining in an Italian restaurant. I have to say that I can be very disappointed in a wine, but there has not been one Primitivo that has let me down.

Because of my love for Italian food, I have seen a lot of Italian restaurants in Amsterdam. Therefore, I think it is reasonable to create a list my best 5 Italian restaurants in the city.

Number 5: Cecconi’s

When you are in the mood for a hip and luxury restaurant Cecconi’s is a good choice. This restaurant is accompanied by a cocktail bar and is located in the middle of the city near Dam Square. This restaurant describes it self as a modern-day classic Italian, which is open for lunch and dinner seven days a week. What I like about this place is their simple menu and their special interior design. Their chairs sit like a throne. Therefore, you can enjoy a lovely meal while feeling like a king. If you would like to have dinner at Cecconi’s, do not forget to dress up.

Green chairs and tables in restaurant Cecconi's in Amsterdam

Number 4: La Fiorita

One of my favorite pizza places is La Perla. The same owner of this tiny and modern restaurant in the Jordaan has opened its doors to a very cute and old-fashioned looking dining place where they serve traditional Italian food. This restaurant is located just across the street of La Perla, subsequently you can decide to go for pizza or traditional food when you arrive.The food that is served in La Fiorita is delicious. Accompanied with their style, you feel like you are dining in the past. Since their menu changes every week, you can come here several times a year and still experience a whole different Italian restaurant every time you come. When you go to La Fiorita, I would recommend you to order the oysters as a starter, and their tiramisu to finish your dinner.

green doors of the entrance of restaurant La Fiorita
La Fiorita

Number 3: Mappa

This restaurant is located in the cultural street called De Nes. In between theaters and wine bars you will find this lovely Italian restaurant called Mappa. This restaurant is simple and style full. No fuss, just good food and service. I come here very often and I always order their fish of the day, which is always good. I would also recommend the ravioli goat cheese and their Dolci Diversi for two. Come here for dinner or lunch and have a walk in the cultural neighborhood.

lady sitting on a table in restaurant Mappa in Amsterdam
Restaurant Mappa

Number 2: Toscanini

This famous fine dining restaurant in the center of the Jordaan is known for its luxurious Italian cuisine. If you would go to have dinner in this restaurant, let the chefs prepare their best dishes for you by choosing the 6 course-Menu Della Cucina. In this case the fine dining experience is a surprise. What will not be a surprise is the quality of the wine. Make sure you make a reservation for this place before you go.

setting of restaurant tables in Toscanini in Amsterdam

Number 1: A Tavola

In contrast to Cecconi’s and La Fiorita, this restaurant does not get its charm from their furniture. The charm is all due to the food, wines and service. My best friend found this extraordinarily good restaurant by accident, while searching for good restaurants in the neighborhood. Since we first came here, we still keep coming for more. Their fresh pasta and fish are incredibly good. The portions are big and the quality of the food equals the price. I would recommend the fish of the day and let the chefs make you a desert of their choice.

table full of italian food
A Tavola